• Megin Maps - Bad Elf Compatible

    Megin Maps - Bad Elf Compatible

    Pair the Mergin Maps app with a Bad Elf GNSS unit and your team can accurately record, sync, and edit your geospatial data in real-time without information loss due to asynchronous or failed edits.
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  • URISA Texas

    Bad Elf Sponsors URISA Texas

    Bad Elf announces its 2023 sponsorship of URISA Texas, the state chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association. Bad Elf's participation at the 2023 UTM Level sponsorship represents a commitment to connect with professionals and educate and grow Texas's GIS community.
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  • Bad Elf and Point One partner to provide Polaris GNSS corrections for Bad Elf Flex®

    Bad Elf and Point One partner to provide Polaris GNSS corrections for Bad Elf Flex®

    Bad Elf, LLC and Point One Navigation, Inc. announce a strategic relationship to provide nationwide GNSS corrections services compatible with the Bad Elf Flex®. As one of the first GNSS receiver partners to incorporate the Polaris GNSS corrections network, Bad Elf now offers a subscription service for nationwide RTK (real time kinematics) with centimeter-level positioning accuracy in open sky conditions. Learn more...
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  • Affordable High-Accuracy GPS for Education

    Obtaining high quality geographic information systems (GIS) data depends on effective field data collection. Poor field collection wastes labor resources and ultimately undermines the value of your GIS database.

    GPS receiver capabilities range from survey grade (centimeter level accuracy) to consumer grade (~5-meter level accuracy). Of course, this demands a cost-benefit tradeoff ranging from free to prohibitively expensive for most educational institutions. Between these two extremes lies mapping grade GPS, which delivers 1 meter accuracy.
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