Bad Elf Flex™ Hardware and Accessories

Bad Elf Flex offers a trailblazing, survey-grade receiver that delivers flexible accuracy at a highly affordable price. Options available from sub-meter with SBAS through full RTK 1 cm horizontal accuracy.

Designed and built with world-class technology, Bad Elf Flex improves your field experience. The Bad Elf Flex Standard provides a fully multi-constellation capable receiver, SBAS, single frequency receiver. Using Bad Elf Flex Tokens, one can unlock the advanced features of multi-frequency, RTK, and daily L-Band use.

If you require an RTK survey-grade rover for use more than 30 to 40 days a year, consider the Bad Elf Flex Extreme. Purchase at the time of sale or after without any penalty. Bad Elf Flex Extreme includes a fully unlocked RTK engine and multi-frequency enabled GNSS receiver capable of accuracy as good as 1 cm horizontal.