Bad Elf is Hiring in Scottsdale, AZ and Hartford, CT!

Interested in working at Bad Elf?  Get in touch!  We are always interested in talking with passionate people who thrive in fast-pasted environments.

We are looking for full-time employees and intern/co-op students to fill the roles listed below.

Geospatial Support Specialist - Scottsdale,AZ

Bad Elf is seeking a geospatial professional to assist our customer experience support team.

Is This You?


  • Do you feel satisfaction when you can help others overcome problems?
  • Can you recognize patterns quickly and develop concise diagnostic procedures based on that information?
  • Are you able to empathize and visualize a situation from another’s perspective, so that you can formulate an approach to achieve their goal?
  • Are you comfortable interfacing with customers directly, addressing their concerns, and helping them clearly articulate their expectations?
  • Can you take all of those experiences and write up clear, accessible knowledge base articles to share with customers so that they can solve their own problems with that direction?
  • Do you work well within a small team and know how to ask for help when you need it?
  • Do you pursue learning and synthesizing new information to develop deeper understanding of things and develop new skills?
  • Are you interested, studying, or already educated in geographic information systems (GIS), geography, and environmental engineering?

If this describes you, you may be a perfect fit for the Bad Elf team in our Scottsdale, AZ office.

Ideally, we seek an experienced professional ready to hit the ground running. However, if you are a student or recent graduate with the right foundation, you can bring us your exceptional verbal written communications skills and motivation and we will train you on the operational side and develop new skills to fill the gaps.

Successful candidates work closely with customers and our innovative geospatial technologies to provide cutting edge solutions support. Whether you are a technology junky, geospatial nut, or just love all things GIS/GPS this dynamic position might be right for you. Join our world class team and participate in the geospatial revolution we affectionately call the democratization of GPS. Come support our diverse set of geospatial customers and share in their success.


  • Address, in a timely manner, support issues that come in through various channels. When unable to address the issue directly, engage with the correct part of the internal team to resolve the enquiry.
  • Pick up the phone on our customer support line and offer quick answers, if possible, or collect the customer's email address and start them on a service ticket with an email directing them to a relevant knowledge base article.
  • Craft and write knowledge base articles to share with customers that guide them through product usage best practices to avoid problems or diagnostic procedures for identifying problems and their fixes.
  • Handle the occasional simple sales call that comes into support by crafting a draft order on our Shopify platform and sending it to the customer for payment and fulfillment.
  • Learn about Bad Elf GNSS receivers – their design intent, their functional capabilities, intended uses, limitations, and how environmental factors may impact user experiences.
  • Provide GIS support and training.
  • Work in CRM systems to maintain a high level of customer interaction and support.
  • Continually learn and complete required training to stay current with innovative geospatial technologies.

Skills & Experience

  • Excellent communication skills, both spoken and written. Ability to structure a clear, concise, readable explanation of best practices, informative description, or diagnostic procedure. Often, highly technical communications come across as opaque, dry, and overly dense to the point of being wholly ineffective. A conversational tone and a (subtle) sense of humor goes a long way in avoiding those pitfalls.
  • Basic understanding of geodesy and geographic information systems (GIS Basic understanding of Esri ArcGIS Pro, AGOL, Field Maps, and Survey123.)
  • Basic understanding of Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems.
  • Background in ) geography, environmental science, civil engineering, or related fields.

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Inside Sales Support Specialist - Hartford, CT

Do you possess effective communication skills? Are you naturally curious and outgoing? Can you succinctly, quickly, and accurately communicate critical information to co-workers? Are you a Google ninja who can identify hot leads from a pile of prospects? Are you naturally competitive and hustle to find more efficient and effective ways to clear the mundane work from your plate, so you can focus on the more challenging tasks on your to-do list?

If this describes you, you may be a perfect fit for the Bad Elf team in our West Hartford, CT office. As an entry level position, we seek a student intern or recent graduate for the role. Bring us your motivation and we will train you and assist development of new skills. You will work directly with the co-Founder and CEO as we re-engineer our sales processes. Our sales team is remotely located in Phoenix and Austin, so your work in the eastern time zone integrates with them to set the tone

Is This You?

The balance of your daily activities may vary, depending on what comes at us, but you can expect to engage in the following activities to some degree each day:

  • Accept inbound sales calls, answer simple questions, process standard orders, and collect callback information for our expert GIS sales team to follow up with when customers require more technical dept
  • Work through received inbound prospects in Salesforce or FreshSales, weeding out the noise, performing some basic Google searches on promising prospects and converting them to leads for the sales team
  • Monitor the inbound orders email address and setting up draft invoices for review, before being sent off to customers
  • Monitor the sales teams' quote requests and setting up draft quotes for review, before being sent off to customers
  • Trade Show Planning, Logistics, & Lead Management: Maintain the planning documents to ensure that the sales team will have the necessary materials ready onsite at trade shows. Receive the scanned leads from the trade shows, import them into Salesforce or Freshsales, clean them up, and prepare them for a follow-up MailChimp email marketing campaign

Skills & Experience

Anyone who has grown up with computers should already bring the requisite computer and internet skills. We can train you in the use of specific software tools, but we expect you to bring exceptional communications skills, both written and verbal.

  • Excellent communication skills, both spoken and written
  • Ninja level Google Skills for market intelligence gathering
  • Quick learner who can perform a task a handful of times and feel comfortable thereafter
  • Exceptional attention to detail, consistency in work products
  • Experience with Salesforce or FreshSales a plus, but willing to train
  • Familiarity with Google Docs & Google Sheets, Word & Excel as backups

Work Hours & Environment

While we can easily keep someone occupied full-time with the sales support role, we are also interested in speaking to the right person who may only be available half-time in the near term, but interested in eventually shifting to a full-time schedule.

  • Schedule: Daily, consistently available 3-4 hours/weekday, preferably in the morning
  • Schedule: Daily, consistently available 3-4 hours/weekday, preferably in the morning
  • Degree: Received or working towards a Bachelor's Degree preferred
  • Travel: Not required, but opportunities to attend trade shows may arise.
  • Job Level: Entry Level with potential for full-time with additional growth opportunities

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Paid Internships / Co-ops (Part-time/Summer)

We’re looking for cross-discipline students pursuing degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Design, Sales, or Communications.  It would be helpful if you have a personal interest in using mobile devices like the iPad/iPhone in aviation, boating, or other outdoor activities.

In this role, you will work on new and existing products in a startup environment.  Depending on your skills, interests, and what’s in our product pipeline, you may do some or all of the following:

  • Talk with customers, resellers/distributors, or other industry partners
  • Design new hardware including schematics, BOM, and PCB layout
  • Assemble test fixtures and prototypes to validate new designs
  • Develop application firmware, bootloaders, test fixtures
  • Develop desktop and sever-side test tools
  • Develop/design iOS apps to support our products
  • Design product packaging, quick start guides, and marketing materials
  • Attend trade shows
  • Work with our manufacturing partners in Asia

We believe there is tremendous value in the internship/co-op/mentorship model, since it’s the foundation for the team that became Bad Elf.  As an intern, we know you may not have much experience in the industry or your degree, and fully expect the position to be an investment by both sides.  It’s a great way to learn both what you DO and DO NOT want to do for your long-term career.  And if you’ve got an entrepreneurial bent, this position will give you a taste of what a profitable boot-strapped startup looks like from the inside.

We are very flexible regarding schedule, hours, start/end dates, and your school work.  We expect some, but not all, internships to lead to an offer for full-time employment when you finish your degree.  For students not local to the Scottsdale, AZ area you are expected to find your own housing and provide your own transportation, but we're willing to help coordinate such relocation tasks.

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About You (All Positions)

  • You’re a super smart engineer or designer, and enjoy problem solving.
  • You’re a cool, easy going, nice person.  Easy to get along with, and have a beer with.
  • You care. You want things done right, and even if you you can’t achieve perfection today, you’re keeping a list of things to you want to re-visit tomorrow.
  • You know when to ask for help, but you move forward to completion quickly and confidently when the path is clear.
  • You’re naturally curious about new technologies and enjoy learning new things while balancing the needs of the business and project.
  • You’ve built things on the side, and taken some of them to completion.
  • Your co-workers or fellow classmates are often amazed at how much you accomplish.
  • You have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

About Us

Bad Elf GNSS receivers deliver affordable accuracy through easy-to-use hardware supported by continuously evolving firmware, apps, and cloud services. Founded in 2010, Bad Elf created the first Made for iOS external GPS accessory and now enables high performance location services for all mobile platforms.

Bad Elf embraced the gentle nudging of our customers toward the GIS market. This brought us right back to our roots in trying to learn everything we can about this market and bring our history of integrated hardware and software engineering to create happy customers. Many people think companies go into business to create products and services, but at Bad Elf we strive to create loyal customers – the products and services exist only as a means to that end.

Our founders worked together for years in a big three letter corporation engaging closely with customers to solve hard problems. As engineers, they live to challenge themselves and learn new things about how things work in the world around them. The essence of Bad Elf revolves around having a company that feeds that yearning for learning, but without forgetting the need for earning! Since the origination of Bad Elf over a dinner conversation in Stuttgart, Germany in the fall of 2009, the founders have added to the team by finding people to help them improve and expand the business by adding their unique talents, skills, and passions in these pursuits.

How to Apply

Send your resume (or transcript, if still in school) and preferably some links to cool projects you’ve worked on to  No recruiters please.