Pixel Perfect

Whether you are a professional or a passionate amateur photographer, you can now accurately and easily geotag your images anywhere in the world.  Combine any Bad Elf Bluetooth GPS product and the foolography Unleashed model for your camera model and you have the perfect geotagging and remote triggering solution for field exploration.

Bad Elf GPS devices receive signals sent from several GPS satellites and uses this information to calculate its exact position. The GPS then sends the coordinates of its current location to the camera, which in turn stores these coordinates in each photo when it is taken. Alternatively, the GPS logger stores its position every few seconds, with a timestamp so that these points can be matched to photos taken at the corresponding time using synchronization software. Now the position at which it was taken is stored within each photo. In order to visualize this, the photos can be uploaded to a web service such as, where they will be automatically placed on a map.

Bluetooth GPS


Our Bluetooth units stream GPS data wirelessly to the iPad and other devices within 33ft range.

  • Streams GPS data to up to 5 iPads or other devices simultaneously.
  • LCD screen shows status, GPS data, lock type, and datalogger status.
  • Up to 32hr battery life.
  • 100-200hr datalogger records your trips to link into the meta data of your photos.
  • Barometric pressure altimeter and USB functionality (on some models).

 Learn more about Bluetooth GPS →

Plug-in GPS


Our plug-in models connect directly to the 30-pin or Lightning connector on the iPad.

  • Zero configuration: just plug in and apps immediately start receiving GPS data.
  • No batteries to charge; clip it onto your keychain.
  • No wireless signals, ideal for commercial and military operations where this is a concern.
  • Pass-thru Micro USB connection allows charging of iOS device while dongle is connected.

Learn more about Plug-in GPS →


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