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Collector for ArcGIS - High Accuracy, Powered by Bad Elf

Bad Elf has been working with the Collector for ArcGIS team at Esri to provide reliable and highly accurate location services directly to the Collector for ArcGIS mobile applications across various platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows). The Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor was designed and built to provide mapping grade accuracy of about one meter when used with the built-in SBAS + PPP. The GNSS Surveyor receiver, combined with Collector for ArcGIS, delivers an affordable solution for GIS data collection and mapping with the benefit of higher accuracy.

With the new high performance features built directly into the Collector for ArcGIS app, Bad Elf now supplies additional metadata directly; maximizing the quality of your field data.

  • Full autonomous navigation in our out of cellular coverage
  • Metadata support including Horizontal RMS, Vertical RMS, Fix Type, Satellite Visibility, PDOP, HDOP, VDOP
  • Simple configuration - no third party apps required
  • Native support for accuracy minimums and coordinate transformation (through Collector)

For more information on working with Collector, see our GIS Resources.


Affordable High-Accuracy GPS for Education

October 25, 2016

Obtaining high quality geographic information systems (GIS) data depends on effective field data collection. Poor field collection wastes labor resources and ultimately undermines the value of your GIS database.GPS receiver capabilities range from survey grade (centimeter level accuracy) to consumer grade (~5-meter level accuracy). Of course, this demands a cost-benefit tradeoff ranging from free to prohibitively expensive for most educational institutions. Between these two extremes lies mapping grade GPS, which delivers 1 meter accuracy.When students learn the concepts of designing a GIS, they must consider more than the storage, manipulation, and analysis of spatial data. Effective and reliable collection of field data enables successful development of a complete GIS strategy. Traditionally, only survey grade equipment could deliver sufficient capabilities to...

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ALERT: Issue prevents Bluetooth connectivity with more than two iOS 10 devices [RESOLVED]

October 13, 2016

Update (19-DEC-2016): This issue has been fixed in iOS 10.2.  If you still have trouble connecting more than two iOS devices to a single Bad Elf GPS unit after updating to 10.2, please contact our support team. Summary: If you need to connect more than two iOS devices simultaneously to your Bad Elf GPS receiver, avoid upgrading to iOS 10 if you have not already done so. After several customer reports we've verified that there is an issue preventing more than two devices running iOS 10 from connecting simultaneously to a single Bad Elf GPS receiver. This affects all of our Bluetooth GPS receivers, as well as those from other manufacturers. Some additional notes: The Bluetooth status screen on our LCD will show "(MAX)"...

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