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Introducing Bad Elf Flex® Mini

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Looking for faster and more efficient data collection? Flex Mini is ideal for the GIS and mapping community. The Flex Mini locates features that are too numerous to be mapped by traditional methods, such as utility poles, fire hydrants, or stormwater drains.

Bad Elf Flex®

Flex offers a trailblazing, survey-grade receiver that delivers flexible accuracy at an affordable price. Customer-focused development helped define the requirements for Flex. One GNSS receiver is now affordable, accurate, and versatile for all your survey and mapping needs.

Modern design - latest technology, Flex Mini is an ideal mapping-grade GNSS.

Flex Mini is a mapping-grade GNSS that provides reliable and high-performance positional accuracy for tablets or smartphones. Ready to collect spatial data in the field, just Bluetooth pair with Flex Mini and open your favorite GIS and mapping app. Flex Mini offers different levels of accuracy, depending on the receiver type, the correction method, and the environmental conditions.

Flex Mini Product Info

Designed and built with world-class technology, Flex improves your field work experience.

Flex is a survey-grade GNSS rover available in unlocked or on-demand configuration. For survey needs, Flex Extreme provides centimeter level accuracy. For users with sub-meter requirements who only occasionally need survey grade, Flex standard with Flex daily tokens provides a cost-effective on-demand accuracy GNSS receiver.

Flex Product Info

Engineering Magic®


Bad Elf pioneered Apple's MFi program, offering the first approved GPS accessory for the iPhone in 2010. Our engineering team tests each new product release of the iPhone and iPad.

Bring Your Own Device

Embracing trends in IT, Bad Elf fully supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Phone, tablet, notebook, and operating system agnostic, our GNSS receivers encourage companies to work on the platforms of their choosing.

Apps Galore

For the ultimate user experience, combine Bad Elf Flex with iOS, Android, or Windows apps that showcase deep domain expertise and impressive design sensibilities. Explore the apps list!

No Cellular Required

Our products provide rock-solid GPS location regardless of cellular service. Wi-fi only tablet? No problem. Use with most location-aware apps.

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