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Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) apps running on the Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface have revolutionized how pilots and operators plan their flights, access their weather briefings, and use aviation charts in the cockpit. Bad Elf powers these apps by providing reliable and accurate GPS position data that improves situational awareness and operational efficiency.


Train like you fly.

Send simulator position to the EFB app.

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Own-ship moving map.

Accurately display runway position during taxi operations under FAA 120-76C.

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High Performance GPS.

Deliver map centering, range rings, or own-ship en-route to improve situational awareness.

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Improved situational awareness on the ground and in the air enhances a pilot’s decision-making capabilities. Tablet-based electronic flight bag (EFB) apps deliver an incredible amount of information in an efficient, accessible, and effective manner. The result is improved operational safety and economics.

Knowing your position on your EFB charts provides the cornerstone of improved situational awareness. At Bad Elf, we designed and built our GPS receivers specifically for commercial and military pilots to use with EFB apps running on the Apple iPad or Microsoft Surface. Our products include 24+ hour battery life, can support up to 5 tablets simultaneously, and feature an easy-to-read LCD display for checking status without leaving your EFB app. We use high-performance GPS chipsets with excellent sensitivity that work even in heavily-shielded cockpits with heated windshields.

For Part 121 and Part 135 operators, our Bluetooth GPS receivers have been successfully tested, approved, and deployed under FAA AC120-76C for own-ship AMM display during taxi operations. At this time, the FAA does not allow own-ship display on portable devices while en-route. However, EFB apps can display range rings and provide map-centering features using Bad Elf GPS receivers while in-flight.

For Part 91 pilots and operators, Bad Elf GPS units can be used during all phases of flight.

For military pilots, all Bad Elf GPS units successfully passed EMI certification and are listed on the USAF Approved Carry-on Equipment List (as of October 6, 2014) for portable electronics. Our receivers are used worldwide by pilots and ground personnel from every branch of the military.

Every military, commercial, and corporate pilot is eligible for discounted pricing on Bad Elf EFB bundles. Fill out the form to the right for your fleet specific discount code today.

As the electronic flight bag (EFB) administrator for your airline or fleet, you are responsible for synthesizing the corporate operational requirements, professional pilot expectations, and governmental regulations within a challenging economic environment. You face the challenge of integrating tablets such as the Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface, apps, and hardware accessories that change dynamically as you await essential approvals from critical stakeholders.

Bad Elf works closely with Part 121 and Part 135 operators, pilots, EFB administrators, app vendors, and the FAA to deliver reliable GPS products that increase safety by improving situational awareness in the cockpit.

Our Bluetooth GPS receivers have been successfully tested, approved, and deployed by Part 121 and Part 135 operators under FAA AC120-76C, which allows own-ship AMM display during taxi operations. At this time, the FAA does not allow own-ship AMM display on portable devices while en-route. However, range rings and map-centering features can be used in-flight, which are based on the GPS position data provided by Bad Elf GPS receivers.

We are eager to support Part 121 and Part 135 operators working on their AC120-76C approval, and can provide documentation, job aids, references, consultation, and evaluation units for your data collection phase.

Additionally, consider Bad Elf’s simulator bridge kits for use in developing best practices and procedures and demonstrating EFB use and operations safely and conveniently in a simulated environment.

Most pilots flying today use a tablet, such as an Apple iPad or Microsoft Surface, with an EFB app for flight planning and charts. These are very powerful tools, but require training and practice to master to ensure they are not a distraction during flight. However, many of the app features are based on your current GPS position, speed, heading, and altitude. This makes it hard to use them in realistic training scenarios while on the ground.

Bad Elf realized this several years ago, and partnered with Redbird Flight Simulations to launch the Redbird Cyngus family of flight simulation integration products allowing home and flight school simulation users to connect their tablets to simulated flight information.

Since then, Bad Elf flight simulation integration kits have been installed in sims operated by airlines, charter operators, the FAA, USAF, USCG, NASA, and research institutions. We offer a range of sim kits that can plug into your home flight simulator via USB or RS232, or into a full motion Level D flight simulator via ARINC-429 bus. Our sim kits can feed position data to up to five iPad or Surface tablets at a time, enabling an entire crew and their flight instructor to see the same data for training purposes.

There is simply no better way to integrate the iPad and Surface into your flight simulation environment!

Contact Bad Elf to find out which simulation bridge kit is best for you.

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