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SAN MARCOS, TX, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2023 -- We are pleased to announce Bad Elf as a 2023 sponsor of URISA Texas, the state chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association. URISA Texas is excited to have Bad Elf as a partner in contributing to the organization's mission of advancing GIS technology in the state. Bad Elf's participation at the 2023 UTM Level sponsorship represents a commitment to connect with professionals and educate and grow Texas's GIS community.

Bad Elf is a leading provider of GPS and GNSS receivers for iOS and Android devices. Their products are utilized by a wide range of geospatial professionals, ranging from land surveyors, engineers, to GIS specialists, and more. They are dedicated to providing their customers with exceptional products and support. We are thrilled to be able to further connect with the geospatial community through our membership in URISA Texas. "We look forward to collaborating with other GIS professionals and participating in the numerous educational and networking opportunities offered by URISA Texas," said Dr. Nikolas Smilovsky, Geospatial Director, Bad Elf.

"We are thrilled to welcome Bad Elf as one of our 2023 sponsors," said URISA Texas President Kristina Deitz. "Their expertise and knowledge on innovative solutions in the field of GPS will be a valuable asset to our members and the broader GIS community in Texas."

As part of this relationship, Bad Elf will host several official URISA Texas Mappy Hour events throughout the state of Texas. Mappy Hours serve as an opportunity for community engagement, education, and active collaboration between professionals in the private and public sectors. Additionally, this year Bad Elf will host a special speaker series focusing on the best management practices in geospatial field data collection as well as creating comprehensive digital twins.

About Bad Elf, LLC

Bad Elf's line of GNSS receivers empowers GIS and survey professionals to collect high-accuracy field data using any phone, tablet, or laptop. Our products work with any location-based app on iOS, Android, or Windows. All Bad Elf Bluetooth receivers have an integrated LCD screen with an intuitive user interface to provide status information and perform standalone data collection when needed.

Bad Elf's products and services evolve within an iterative framework of learning from our customers and applying our diverse and deep technical skills to deliver exceptional offerings that solve real-world challenges. Within this mindset, we seek to create sufficiently advanced technology to appear to the consumer as Engineering Magic®. While our solutions manifest as technology built for today, they envelop platforms that allow us to respond nimbly to continual change and opportunity explored in partnership with our customers.


We are a dedicated group of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Professionals from various disciplines and backgrounds to foster an environment conducive to sharing ideas, continuing education, and networking. On June 23, 2012, URISA Texas was officially recognized as an organizing chapter of Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA). URISA is a nonprofit association of professionals using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other information technologies to solve challenges in state/provincial, regional and local government agencies and departments. URISA is the premier organization for using and integrating geospatial technology to improve the quality of life in urban and regional environments. As the Texas State Chapter, we aim to provide a platform for great ideas and people and inspire leadership and achievement. We strive to provide exceptional educational experiences, a vibrant and connected community, and the essential resources you need to succeed in your GIS professional career. We welcome everyone interested in all aspects of GIS to get involved.

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