The Bad Elf developer program is taking a small hiatus. It has become evident that developers for non-iOS applications want the same level of accuracy and functionality that the Bad Elf devices have supplied to iOS devices for years. In order to respond to this demand our current strategy of custom APIs simply won’t work. We are in the midst of designing the new protocol right now, it will supply the same functionality as our older SDK. Specific integration will allow:

  • Configuration of high resolution location data reporting (2-10Hz) mode
  • Fix quality indicators: number of satellites, WAAS status, raw HDOP/PDOP/VDOP values
  • UTC date and time
  • Satellites in view with elevation, azimuth, and raw SNR values

If you’re reading this you’re probably interested in details surrounding our new protocol. Please sign up for a friendly message from us as soon as this new developer program is ready!


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