Bad Elf Flex™

Accurate. Affordable. Versatile.
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The Bad Elf Flex is the game-changing future of GNSS for GIS, mapping, and survey. One GNSS receiver now solves all of your geospatial data collection requirements in a creative and Flexible way.




correct in all details; exact.
  • 1 cm accuracy with RTK
  • 4 cm accuracy worldwide with L-Band
  • 30 cm - 60 cm via SBAS
  • 1 m autonomous
  • Post-processing capable
  • Multi-frequency / multi-constellation - BeiDou, Galilelo, GPS, and Glonass




really, truly, disruptively affordable.
  • Introductory pricing at $2,500 USD1
  • Daily pricing options for enhanced accuracy
  • Permanent unlock options available



able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.
  • Portable, self-contained - mount on a rover pole or hold in one hand
  • Functional, full-day operation - 12hr battery life with active power management
  • Compatible, app agnostic - works with iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Standalone, ergonomic - integrated keyboard and sunlight readable LCD
  • Rugged, industrial - IP65 rated for water and dust, industrial temperature range


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1Base price includes unlocked GPS L1 only with SBAS support.