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Sales and Product Inquiries

Online: Bad Elf Online Store is a convenient place to purchase Bad Elf products and accessories.

You can get information about an order you placed on the Bad Elf Online Store through your account page. If you prefer, you can also get order status or make changes by e-mail request.

Sales: How to Buy for Business

If you are a business or professional user, email Bad Elf or call (855) 4-BAD-ELF (855-422-3353), Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Education, Government, and Military Sales:

  • Education Sales (855) 422-3353
  • Government Sales (855) 422-3353
  • Military Sales (855) 422-3353


Product and Technical Support

Contact Bad Elf Support

Need service or support? Start your request online and we’ll find you a solution.

Please do not call our phone line for customer support. We do not have phone support. If you do call asking for support, you will be instructed to visit us online or send an email to

Browse Online Support

Visit the Bad Elf Support site for quick answers and frequently asked questions.

For in-depth technical articles, visit the Bad Elf Knowledge Base site.

Corporate Address

Bad Elf
2 Tunxis Rd, Suite 206
Tariffville, CT 06081
(855) 422-3353

NOTE: This is not a customer technical support phone number.


Engineering Lab

Scottsdale, AZ

Fulfillment Center

Grand Rapids, MI