Bad Elf Flex™ Token Packs

Bad Elf Flex Tokens are stored on your Bad Elf Flex and available for use anytime and anywhere. Just load your Flex with tokens sufficient for the number of days you plan to work remotely. You can purchase Bad Elf Flex Tokens directly through the Bad Elf Flex app on iOS or Android, or online from Bad Elf Flex Tokens don't expire and remain on your receiver until you use them.

Bad Elf Flex Token Card

Each Bad Elf Flex Token is good for a 24-hour period from your first position lock. Ready for maximum flexibility? Bad Elf Flex is the only receiver GNSS receiver to provide daily options for high accuracy. With one Bad Elf Flex Token, you can freely switch between these options:

* Unlock multi-constellation and multi-frequency for higher accuracy SBAS
* Use RTK with your local CORS or VRS network for centimeter-level results
* Use L-Band satellite corrections for places you don't have a data connection or SBAS availability