• Base/Rover

  • Complete out-of-network RTK solution

Bad Elf introduces a base/rover feature built upon the Bad Elf Flex® GNSS receiver. This new base/rover feature brings affordable centimeter-level accuracy to surveyors and geospatial professionals working anywhere in the world. The solution consists of two Flex GNSS receivers and two UHF radios, allowing customers to perform high-accuracy field data collection in areas where traditional RTK corrections or cellular coverage is not available. Existing Flex customers can upgrade to a base/rover solution by adding a Flex radio kit, one for the base and one for the rover.


  • Built on the survey-grade Hemisphere Phantom GNSS engine
  • Expected accuracy - 1 cm horizontal in good conditions
  • Quad-constellation corrections source from base to rover
  • Range (power-determined) 2-10 km line-of-sight
  • Global operations, regardless of cellular coverage
Bad Elf Flex with radio


  • A professional system for a cost competitive price without sacrificing features or functions
  • The Bad Elf Flex comes in either Standard or Extreme mode
  • Flex Radio Kit adds $1999.99 ea.1

Little Elf 1


No need for dedicated devices and configurations. Bad Elf Flex Extreme operates as either a base or a rover2. Simply fire up the Flex app and enable either mode of operation.

Little Elf 2


Checklist-based workflow

Base/Rover checklist

An intuitive tool to ensure best practices, built upon lessons learned from the aviation industry. Designed to mitigate error and improve efficiencies in the field.

  • Pole height and antenna configuration
  • Tilt check and calibration
  • GNSS lock
  • Battery checks
  • Radio connectivity checks
  • Configuration of base location via here point or known point, with associated datum metadata
  • Reliable GNSS checks



Open data standards for all collected information

  • CSV logs
  • Standard Rinex compatible with OPUS and many other post-processing systems
  • JSON metadata for events and project details
  • Standard NMEA streaming via Bluetooth or USB


  • FCC-approved radios with callsign support
  • Radio kit includes checklist for customer to obtain FCC license with recommended frequency coordinator
  • Radio LCD screen supports configuration and status monitoring

Full featured

  • Radio charging available via provided AC adapter
  • Includes protective equipment case, charger, and mounting accessories

Optimum Setup

  • Fully compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets
  • Bluetooth connected - clean setup with no wires
  • Primary interface via Flex utility app
  • Standalone operation from the Flex LCD screen for use without a connected phone or tablet
  • Native multi-rover support



Continual system checks

  • Constellation health
  • Tilt-check as well as movement indicator
  • Radio connectivity issues
  • Bluetooth connection loss
  • Flex and radio battery state-of-charge

Advanced Logging

  • All events logged with data and packed with timestamps for maximum integrity
  • Should a recorded session need to be defended for truth or accuracy, everything that is needed to recreate a session is included in one place

Radio Kit Contents


  • Harxon Radio HX-DU1603D
  • UHF Antenna
  • Rugged carrying case
  • AC wall charger
  • Charging/Serial Cable
  • Survey pole mount
Bad Elf Radio Kit

1 Each Bad Elf Flex requires 1 radio kit
2 Rover mode available with Flex Standard using a Flex Token to enable Extreme mode