January 2023 Newsletter - HERE, HERE!

Author Nikolas Smilovsky

Ortho-Everywhere Tool

If you`re using your Bad Elf Flex with RTK via NTRIP in combination with ArcGIS Field Maps or ArcGIS QuickCapture, you may have faced obstacles when attempting to record accurate vertical heights. That`s because ArcGIS field products store all elevations recorded with the Bad Elf Flex using the EGM96 geoid. Even though this is fine for situations involving only horizontal measurements or SBAS, EGM96 is not the correct orthometric elevation model for advanced scenarios involving RTK corrections for survey-grade accuracy. Instead, you need to be recording your elevations with the GEOID18/12B geoids used with the NAVD88 vertical datum in North America. Up to this point, this required workarounds.

We specialize in supporting Esri customers through our certifications and relationships with multiple Esri teams. For more information about Bad Elf and Esri please visit our Esri Marketplace page.

Do you want to learn more? If so, please read our knowledge-based article on the Ortho-Everywhere Tool.

Pioneer Package

The Bad Elf Pioneer Package is the ultimate way to start confidently collecting high-accuracy GNSS data with the best hardware and software on the market. Getting started is simple. Do you want to learn more?

See our YouTube video for more about the Pioneer Package.

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