Bad Elf Flex™ Standard

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Bad Elf Flex™ democratizes GNSS and economizes field data collection.

Our customers shared their needs for lower cost GNSS solutions that include full RTK rover workflow. Bad Elf Flex delivers, with 30-60cm accuracy all day, every day.

Need higher accuracy? No problem! Bad Elf Flex tokens provide a USD $25 per day rate for features that typically cost thousands of dollars – and every Bad Elf Flex unit includes a free starter pack for you. This daily rate includes full access to both an unlocked RTK workflow and the Atlas L-Band correction service. Bad Elf Flex is the first GNSS receiver to have a daily choice with unlimited switching between L-Band and RTK.

If you require an RTK survey-grade rover for use more than 30 to 40 days a year, consider the Bad Elf Flex Extreme. Purchase at the time of sale or after without any penalty. For more information see the Bad Elf Flex Extreme bundle .

    To learn more about Bad Elf Flex including complete specifications click here.

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