Congratulations to Simon Fitch, Bad Elf Summer of Giveaways Winner

We would like to wish congratulations to Simon Fitch, the most recent winner of the Bad Elf Summer of Giveaways contest.

Simon lives on the south coast of England in Bournemouth. He plans to use his Bad Elf GPS with for fitness activities with the Nike+GPS app, and the iMapMyRide app. Simon plans to use the TomTom app to help with vehicle navigation.

Remember, we are giving away Bad Elf GPS devices all summer long.  Check out the contest page for details on how you and your friends can enter. The next chance to win is this Friday.

Good Luck



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Terry Chaussee
Terry Chaussee

July 04, 2011

I bought yor chip from amazon. I used it with I pad2 running foreflight. last week I flew to Juneau ak from Seattle. I was initially suprised that the chip didn’t have a way of locking it to the dock port. I Lost the darn thing. I need another and think I’ll look into the one that uses blue tooth. I would suggest your r and d look into a latching system like the dock port I bought from crutchfield.
Terry Chaussee

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