Sun 'n Fun 2011

Sun 'n Fun kicked off to a somewhat soggy start yesterday in Lakeland, FL. We've heard attendance has been good, and the excitement around using the iPad in aviation is as strong as ever.

Unfortunately the Bad Elf team couldn't make it out to Sun 'n Fun this year - most of our team is taking some much-needed family vacation time, which just happens to overlap with this weekend. But we're there in spirit, following AvWeb's great daily coverage and ForeFlight's Twitter stream.

If you're at the show and want a Bad Elf GPS, just stop by the Sporty's Pilot Shop booth. They have inventory and can help get you up and running. Or you can order online via Amazon, Sporty's Pilot Shop, and MyGoFlight.



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March 30, 2011

Sporty’s iPad forum presentation had a packed house, and they represented Bad Elf well. I’d not heard of your GPS so I bought one and it is excellent as advertised. Great improvement for iPad and it brings new functionality to iPod Touch as well. You guys should be here next year, next to Fore Flight!

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