GPS on the iPad 2 (Part 2 of 3)


I stopped by the Apple Store last night and verified the Bad Elf GPS works with the new iPad 2. No issues - plugged it in, was prompted to download the utility app, and the LED started flashing when I opened the default Maps app. The new iPad 2 is incredible - super thin, with tapered edges much like the iPod touch 4G.

Our new iPad 2 will arrive early next week - we ordered online - so expect another post after we run a bunch of tests and take it for a local flight.


  • Hi Ron,
    We don’t test every release of every app, so I can’t say for sure. But there are a large number of Bad Elf + Navionics users and we haven’t heard any problem reports lately, so I suspect things are still great there. As a side note, Navionics has been quick to fix any issues in the past.
    Hope that helps!

    - Brett
  • I want to use the Ipad 2 in an airplane. Will the Bad Elf work there? Most airborne GPS receivers need to be placed on the glareshield (near the window) for good reception. Is that the case here?

    - Dick
  • Hello Brett. I’m Maurice from The Netherlans. Does the GPS accessory also function with Europeanen Navionics charts (UK Holland etc.) on the IPad 1 ?

    - Maurice
  • Hi Brett,
    I have the ipad 2 and I’m just checking to see if you have tested the new Navionics software with the elf. I called Navionics and they were reluctant to tell me if it worked or not. They simply said “they know it works with the 3g and 4g units”. I don’t know if they made any changes to the Navionics app which might render the app useless. Thanks for the help…
    Ron M

    - Ron
  • Sorry, but I am still not clear. If one is out of cell tower or WiFi areas, i.e., NO service, can the Ipad2 work alone for marine charts, or is the Bad Elf necessary, or a handheld GPS unit? Thanks for the help.

    - Mike

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