iOS 8.4 Release Imminent


82 days.  Nearly 12 weeks.  That’s how long some of us have been waiting for a way out of the iOS 8.3 troubles that have left our apps unable to obtain location data from external GPS receivers.

Well, tomorrow is June 30th.  That is the date Apple announced several new features and services in iOS 8.4 would be released to the public. Several recent reports indicate iOS 8.4 will be available as early as 8AM PDT.

Once the new public release is available, the Bad Elf engineering team will download and install it on our test bench.  We’ll test the ridiculous number of permutations of iOS devices, Bad Elf GPSs model, and several popular apps to confirm that the iOS 8.4 release not only corrects the problems experienced with iOS 8.3, but does not introduce any new issues.

Please wait!

We know how anxious you are to just upgrade to the latest iOS release.  And if you are already broken, it might be rational to throw caution to the wind and just upgrade.  However, we would advise you to give us 24 hours to thoroughly test the release.  We’ve been testing the beta iOS releases and don’t expect any issues, but...

As soon as we are confident that the coast is clear, we will post the results to our blog and send an email blast out via our newsletter.  If you’re not on our mailing list, please subscribe through the form at the bottom of every page on our website.

In the coming week, we will also be able to share some insights into what has transpired in the background and how Bad Elf is working with key partners to reduce the odds of this kind of breakage from occurring again.  Of course, this comes with the caveat that Murphy’s Law reigns supreme - if it can break in some unexpected way, it most likely will.  It is important to take away the following lesson from the iOS 8.3 release:

If you are running a mission critical system, do not upgrade any element of it until it has been tested and verified on a non-critical system or cleared by the suppliers of your hardware and software.

As always, we’re here to help - just drop an email to




  • Would like to receive an email update when you think it is safe to use IOS 8.4

    - Jonathan Steinfeld
  • I tried it on my iPhone 6 – looks like it works now.

    - Tom S.
  • Thanks for the take-away lesson given at the end of this blog. Words to the wise!

    - David Hart
  • Thanks for the updates! You guys at Bad Elf are awesome!

    - Edman

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