Geotagging Nikon Photos with Unleashed and Bad Elf GPS Pro/Pro+

September 16, 2014 4 Comments

We’re pleased to announce a collaboration between Bad Elf and Foolography, the German company behind the popular Unleashed geo-tagging accessory for Nikon cameras.


One of the common uses of trip logging with the Bad Elf GPS Pro and GPS Pro+ is geo-tagging photos taken with a DSLR camera.  Very few DSLR cameras have internal GPS support, and for those that do, the negative impact on battery life and long lock times can be a problem.

Many of our users solve this problem by recording their location history with the Bad Elf GPS Pro or Pro+, and then export that data to a GPX file.  Tools such as Aperture or Lightroom can match the timestamps in each photo to the timestamps in the GPX file, and then embed the correct location data into the photo’s EXIF metadata.  However, this is an error-prone and manual process.


For Nikon users, the Unleashed accessory from Foolography solves all of these problems.  It acts as a bridge between Nikon DSLR cameras and Bluetooth GPS receivers such as Bad Elf GPS Pro or Pro+.  The Unleashed device is a small Bluetooth dongle that plugs into the Nikon accessory port.  It receives GPS location data from the Bad Elf GPS Pro over Bluetooth and feeds it into the Nikon camera.  As photos are taken, the camera embeds the location data into the photo's EXIF metadata — no manual post-processing steps required!

The Unleashed is optimized for amazing battery life and very fast connection times, ensuring every photo is geo-tagged even if you momentarily lose GPS lock.  A single Bad Elf GPS Pro or Pro+ can supply GPS location data to up to 5 Unleashed units simultaneously, and its 24-32 hour battery life will last all weekend!

And that's not all!

Bad Elf and Foolography have taken the integration one step further: using the buttons and LCD screen on Bad Elf GPS Pro/Pro+, you can also trigger the Nikon’s focus and shutter thru the Unleashed dongle!  This is very useful for tripod mounting, self-portraits, and other photo shoots requiring remote mounting.

The Bad Elf GPS Pro and Pro+ will show a camera icon in the lower status bar when an Unleashed is connected.  The camera focus and trigger menu can then be accessed by holding the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds.

The Bad Elf GPS Pro/Pro+ and Unleashed should be part of every Nikon photog’s camera kit!

If you’re at the photokina photography show in Cologne, Germany this week, visit the Foolography booth (Hall 4.1, Booth G39) to see the Bad Elf GPS Pro/Pro+ in action.  Also, you can learn more about the Unleashed product line on the Foolography website.



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Donna Wayne
Donna Wayne

July 19, 2016

This seems like a pretty sweet product. I am looking into equipment for geotagging and came across this article. There are some cool products on here. I am not sure what kind of camera I am going to get yet (I am upgrading). But this might help in the decision. I have heard that internal GPS drains the camera battery, that is why this looks like a good alternative. I have been looking into what other equipment I might need, here is a great resource for those like me who are researching product ideas and what not: Check it out, there is some great stuff for newbies.

Jayanth Devasundaram
Jayanth Devasundaram

March 23, 2016

I just got the GNSS Surveyor version of the Bad elf but am unable to pair it with the Foolography accessory as I had been able to with the Pro. Is this not possible with the GNSS Surveyor?


February 28, 2015

Will this work with Bad Elf GPS Pro (without the plus)? Also, is it sold in the US?


September 17, 2014

Cool! Makes me wish I had a Nikon, instead of a Sony… maybe it’ll come there too!

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