Bad Elf GPS App v2.1 Released with CloudAhoy Integration

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Author Brett Hackleman

The latest version of our free utility app is now available in the iTunes App Store. This version has a new look and feel to match iOS 7 and includes several bug fixes.




But we’re most excited about a new capability: integration with CloudAhoy!

Like many of our pilot customers, we love CloudAhoy. Simply put: there is no better tool for debriefing your flights after you land. Their app runs in the background, behind your favorite aviation charting app, and collects your location, speed, heading, and altitude. After you land, the app automatically uploads this data to the cloud. Their servers analyze the flight, and within seconds you can see a debriefing report with great 2D/3D views of your flight path complete with VFR/IFR charts. You can view these debriefings via the app or a on web browser.

CloudAhoy recently updated their app to support importing GPX/KML files, so now it’s possible to record your flights with the Bad Elf GPS Pro and transfer those logs into CloudAhoy for debriefing. Here’s a flight recorded and imported by Brian, our iOS developer working on his PPL certificate:






Using the Bad Elf GPS Pro to log your flights has several advantages. You don’t have to remember to start the CloudAhoy app in the background before every flight, something I’ve done many times. The Bad Elf GPS Pro’s incredible battery life (32 hrs in datalogging mode, or 24 hours with Bluetooth enabled) allows you to record for much longer periods of time, and it won’t kill your iPad battery life. Finally, if you configure the Bad Elf GPS Pro to start logging automatically whenever you turn it on, you'll be ready to go flying with the single press of a button!

Transferring logs from the Bad Elf GPS Pro into your CloudAhoy account is very simple:

  1. Record a flight on your Bad Elf GPS Pro.
  2. Open the Bad Elf GPS app on your iPad/iPhone, and find your flight log via the Trips tab.
  3. Press the Map button to transfer the trip log from the hardware into the Bad Elf GPS app.
  4. Then press the Share button, and select "Open with CloudAhoy".


  5. Select CloudAhoy from the list of compatible apps.


  6. This will open CloudAhoy and you’ll see a dialog confirming you would like to import the flight.


  7. Now go to Debrief and More tab in CloudAhoy or the CloudAhoy website to see and debrief your flight.

Any questions or issues? As always, our support team is standing by.

1 comment

  • Awesome, works great and now I can save the log to the App while also uploading to Cloud Ahoy and save a lot of steps!

    - Ned Hogan

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