Bad Elf Wombat + MyTBM

Upload your flight & engine logs
using only your iPad or iPhone,
without leaving the cockpit.
No avionics to upgrade or install.
Flying a TBM with older avionics?
Wombat can update your databases. Learn more →

Daher Launches "Me&MyTBM" Service

Daher's new service captures the flight and engine data from your TBM after every flight. The flight logs are analyized to give you a detailed sumary of your flights from engine start to shutdown.

Me&MyTBM App for iOS
Operators can use the free Me&MyTBM app to review their aircraft status including fuel levels, oil consumption, and battery voltage.
Bad Elf Wombat Accessory
The Wombat allows you to upload logs from your aircraft to the MyTBM service without removing your SD cards from the aircraft.

Free Wombat Accessory Program

For a limited time, eligible TBM owners who upload their flight logs and meet the rebate requirements will receive a full refund of their Bad Elf Wombat purchase. Learn more →

Aircraft Summary
A summary view displays fuel levels, oil consumption, and battery voltage.
MyTBM Challenge
Every flight log uploaded earns you points.
See how you rank compared to your fellow TBM pilots.
Flight Overview
For each flight you can see an overview including distance, time enroute, and fuel consumption.
Flight details
Drill down to see details stats on every flight
Flight map
View your flight route on a map.

Bad Elf Wombat: How It Works

The Bad Elf Wombat solution allows you to quickly and easily collect the logs from your G1000 or G3000 avionics, and upload them to the MyTBM servers for processing.

Bad Elf Wombat Accessory
The Wombat accessory allows your iPhone or iPad to wirelessly read and write SD/USB media.
Wombat App for iOS
The Wombat app transfers the engine & flight logs to your iPhone or iPad, and effortlessly sends them to MyTBM and CAMP Systems.

Simple to Use

The Wombat app is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use, and uses a checklist flow for most operations.

Step 1: Connect
Connect your iPhone or iPad to the Wombat’s Wi-Fi network.
Insert your top SD card into the Wombat.
Step 2: Transfer
Select which flight & engine logs you'd like to transfer.
New logs are automatically selected by default.
Step 3: Upload
Upload your flight & engine logs to the MyTBM service.
You can also send the trend files to CAMP Systems for analysis.

Also Available: Jeppesen's JDM Mobile
for Avionics Database Updates

Jeppesen and Bad Elf have teamed up to bring wireless flight database updates to both GA and BA pilots. The JDM Mobile app uses the Wombat to write database updates to SD cards used in G1000 or G3000 avionics.

Jeppesen JDM Mobile for iOS
You'll use the JDM Mobile app to download and transfer any databases that you get from Jeppesen today.

Works with Common Media Types

The Bad Elf Wombat solution supports the most common media types used by legacy and newer avionics...

Garmin NavData
Used by legacy Garmin avionics (requires Skybound Adapter)
Used by avionics from Avidyne
and others
SD or MicroSD
Used by avionics from Garmin
and others

But That's Not All...

We knew we had to earn a place in your flight bag or cockpit, and give you a reason to keep the Bad Elf Wombat charged. That’s why we designed Wombat to support an additional feature:

Backup Power for your iPad and iPhone

The Wombat functions as a backup power source with two USB ports for your iPad and iPhone.

It can fast-charge most iOS devices from empty to 100% in just a few hours.

Buy Wombat

Choose the correct Wombat edition for the avionics in your aircraft:

Wombat Piston Edition

for piston and turboprop aircraft (Learn more →)

Supported Avionics

(including G1000/2000/3000 for TBM/Piper/Cirrus)


Aspen Avionics

Advanced Flight Systems
Dassault Falcon Perf
Dynon Avionics
Genesys Aerosystems
Grand Rapids Technologies (GRT)
L3 Communications
MGL Avionics


No annual service fee for Jeppesen JDM subscribers

1-year standard hardware warranty

Daher/Bad Elf Rebate Program Details

Please refer to the Daher Service Information bulletin for program details and more information on how to configure and use the Me&MyTBM service.

Terms and conditions for rebate program:

  1. Users must meet all program requirements as specified by Daher within 30 days after date of purchase to be eligible for the rebate.
  2. The Wombat unit must be purchased from the Bad Elf online store. Purchases made from any other source are not eligible for the rebate program.
  3. The rebate will be the in form of a refund to the same payment method used for the original purchase.
  4. This rebate program is offered to TBM owners and pilots worldwide.
  5. Only the MSRP value of a Wombat Pistion Edition (USD$249.99) will be refunded under this program. Shipping charges, additional accessories, import duties, taxes, etc will remain the responsibility of the end user.



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