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  • Basics

  • Will Bad Elf GPS products work with a Wi-Fi only iPad or iPod touch if my iOS device is not connected to the Internet?

    Yes! None of the Bad Elf GPS require an internet connection (Wi-Fi or cellular) to work. That said, many apps that use your location may themselves require Internet access. The default Maps app, for example, tries to fetch map tiles from the Internet as you move off the map. That's why we keep a list of some of the apps that work great without requiring Internet access here.

  • How can I use my iOS device for navigation in my airplane/boat/car?

    It’s easy! All you need is the right app. Have a look at a collected list of our favorite compatible apps and find which one is perfect for you.

  • Will Bad Elf GPS products work in my country?

    Yes! GPS is a global system. Bad Elf GPS products are used by our amazing customers in every corner of the globe!

  • I have an iOS device with cellular service that already has a GPS chip inside it. Why would I need a Bad Elf GPS product?

    All iPhones and some iPads come equipped with access to the internet via the cellular phone data network. These units also include “A-GPS. The “A stands for “assisted, as in assisted by the cell towers. So if your iPhone/iPad (with cellular) has a connection to the cell towers, the assisted GPS inside your iPhone/iPad will work well enough for most activities. But away from the cell towers, up in the sky, out in the woods, or at sea, the GPS can take 20 minutes or more to locate you (if at all). Because Bad Elf GPS products rely only on the satellites orbiting the earth and never on cell towers, they can locate you quickly and accurately anywhere on the planet.

  • Do Bad Elf GPS products provide access to the Internet?

    None of our products provide internet connectivity.

  • Will Bad Elf GPS products work if my iOS Device is in Airplane Mode?

    Yes! Airplane mode will not affect the operation of the Bad Elf GPS. We recommend airplane mode whenever you don't need to make phone calls, send and receive text messages, or access the Internet. It saves power and minimizes distractions. The default Maps app will not work in "airplane mode," but most offline apps work just fine in "airplane mode". If you are using the Bad Elf GPS Pro, however, you will need to manually turn on Bluetooth after switching to "airplane mode" because “airplane mode turns off Bluetooth.

  • How can I tell if my app is using the Bad Elf GPS versus the built-in GPS in my Apple device?

    When you connect to any Bad Elf GPS product, it immediately starts feeding location data to your iOS device. Any app that requires positional data will automatically be fed the more accurate location information, in almost all instances, this will be provided by the Bad Elf GPS.

  • How do Bad Elf GPS products affect the battery life of my iOS device?

    Apple requires that apps using positional data note, "Continued use of the GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life." Ultimately the power drain occurs through the continuous interaction of the location services and the processing needs of the specific applications using that data – this is true of both external GPS and internal antennae.


    How does the Plug-in Bad Elf GPS affect the battery life of my iOS device?


    As with any external accessory, battery drain will occur and the plug-in Bad Elf GPS isn't the exception. The good news the amount of power needed to energize the elf is minimal.


    How does the Bluetooth Bad Elf GPS affect the battery life of my iOS device?


    The amount of power used to share positional data over Bluetooth is comparable to the power drain of any other Bluetooth accessory; headphones, speakers, etc. With thorough testing of Bad Elf hardware, we have concluded that the battery drain with our devices is significantly less than competitor products.

  • Bluetooth GPS

  • Do you supply an external antennae for any of your Bad Elf GPS products?

    Yes, We have an external antennae designed for use expressly with the Bad Elf GPS PRO. You can read more about this configuration here.

  • How accurate are Bluetooth Bad Elf GPS devices?

    We've built a chart for easy comparison of not only the associated accuracy from our different Bluetooth models, but also every feature that you might have a question about.

  • How do I charge my Bluetooth Bad Elf GPS?

    Every Bluetooth model ships with a Bad Elf authorized USB charging cable. This allows you to plug directly into any USB socket to charge your device.


    Also included with every Bluetooth model is a 12-24V DC adapter which allows you to charge your Bad Elf device in your plane, boat, or car.


    USB standardizes the output voltage for charging which allows you to also use any of the following for power: wall adapters, computer ports, external battery packs, and solar panels.

  • Compatibility

  • Will Bad Elf GPS products work with Android devices or laptop computers?

    The short answer is Yes! Our Bluetooth models; the Bad Elf Pro, Bad Elf Pro+, and the Bad Elf Surveyor are all designed to supply data to non-iOS devices. Each scenario is different but we've developed How-To articles for the more common integrations here.

  • Will Bad Elf GPS products work with the default Maps app or Google’s Maps app?

    Kind of. Both of these apps need an Internet connection to download new map data any time you move or zoom the map. These apps do cache the current screen, so as long as your position does not move off the screen, it will work. Google’s Maps app allows you to cache maps before you leave Internet coverage. We recommend you save yourself the trouble and use one of the many mapping apps with offline support.

  • Does Waze work well with Bad Elf GPS products?

    Waze certainly can get location data from Bad Elf GPS, but unfortunately, Waze requires an Internet connection for the majority of its features. So unless you have a decent mobile Internet connection, we don’t recommend Waze for offline use.

  • How can I use my iOS device for navigation in my airplane/boat/car?

    All you need is the right app. Have a look at our list of recommended apps.

  • How can I tell if the app I want to use will work with Bad Elf GPS products?

    Any app that employs location services will accept our data stream due to the way we pass it forward. We are sharing to the operating system and not the app directly, this level of abstraction makes for universal compatibility. If the app is on the iTunes store and uses location service - it can use our data stream.


    As a service to our customers, we maintain a list of apps that we know work well with Bad Elf GPS Products. This list is by no means exhaustive.

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