Cleared to Update Program

Compatibility Testing to Ensure the Best User Experience

         You've come to count on a seamless experience when using a Bad Elf with your iOS device.  Simply put you don't want to be without your Elf for any reason.  We hear you - This page serves in our goal of making sure that happens.  In short, when an update is released by Apple, a full battery of testing occurs across the suite of Bad Elf Products to ensure compatibility.   If we find any issues, we'll tell you.  By no means is this a new program, but we have improved it by simplifying our message. 

Recommended iOS Version: iOS 12.1

Notes: No known compatibility issues
Testing Complete: November 14th, 2018 15:49 EST

Current iOS Version: iOS 12.1

Testing Status: Complete
Updated: November 14th, 2018 15:49 EST

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***If you rely on Apple iOS devices or Bad Elf products for mission-critical operations, we strongly suggest that you wait at least a week before installing any updates to iOS, apps, or firmware. This time period is usually adequate to identify any critical issues and gives vendors time to notify their customers.***

How do I update my iOS? →  

How do I check what iOS my Device is running? →

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