Wireless avionics database updates, powered by Jeppesen and Bad Elf

by Brett Hackleman April 11, 2018

Wireless avionics database updates, powered by Jeppesen and Bad Elf

Greetings from the (soggy) Sun 'n Fun airshow in Lakeland, FL!

Introducing the Bad Elf Wombat

Today we're thrilled to announce that Jeppesen and Bad Elf have teamed up to simplify the way pilots update their avionics databases every 14-28 days. Gone are the days of removing memory cards from the aircraft and updating them with a PC or Mac at home. We've heard it all... those cards can be expensive and are easy to lose, damage, or forget.

Now you can update your avionics databases wirelessly using only your iPad or iPhone, anywhere in the world, without leaving the cockpit. No expensive hardware to install, and it works with both new and legacy avionics.

How It Works

The first part of the solution is Jeppesen's new JDM Mobile app for iOS, which is available in the App Store. You'll use JDM Mobile to download the database updates to your iPhone or iPad every 14 to 28 days. You can do this at home over Wi-Fi or from inside the cockpit over cellular.

Once you're at the aircraft and ready to update your avionics, you then connect your iPhone or iPad wirelessly to the Bad Elf Wombat. Insert your SD card, USB stick, or NavData card into the Wombat, and the JDM Mobile app will transfer the databases over. It's that simple.

Compatible with Your Avionics

Today, JDM Mobile is compatible with the most popular general aviation avionics from Garmin and Avidyne, including those installed in all generations of aircraft from Cirrus, Cessna, Daher/TBM, Piper, and Diamond.

Support for additional avionics from Aspen, Dynon, Advanced Flight Systems, Genesys Aerosystems, Grand Rapids Technologies, and MGL Avionics is coming to the JDM Mobile app this summer.

Collect and Analyze Your Flight and Engine Logs

And that's not all -- if you've got newer avionics that use USB or SD cards, your avionics are likely recording valuable flight and engine logs during every flight. You can use the Wombat to transfer these logs onto your iPhone or iPad without leaving the cockpit. You can then upload your logs directly to SavvyAnalysis or CirrusReports, or open them with apps such as CloudAhoy for analysis and debrief.

Powering Business Aviation

If you operate turbine aircraft, the Bad Elf Wombat Turbine Edition adds support for avionics from Rockwell Collins and Honeywell. The Wombat has already been deployed in over 400 biz jets worldwide and is a powerful tool for updating avionics databases in remote locations where internet connectivity can be hard to find.

Available Today

Please visit our website to learn more about the Bad Elf Wombat or Jeppesen's JDM Mobile app.  The Wombat is in stock and available for purchase today.

If you're at the Sun 'n Fun airshow this week, stop by the Jeppesen booth in Hangar B for a demo and ask about our show specials!

Brett Hackleman
Brett Hackleman


CTO & Co-Founder, Bad Elf

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