Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust

August 13, 2013

This past weekend opened NFL's preseason and Intuit timed the introduction of their Small Business, Big Game contest to coincide with the jockeying for roster slots.  Intuit will incorporate one lucky small business into their Super Sunday advertising. As a Quickbooks customer, we received an invitation to participate and so we prepared our entry.  We've done our part, now we need your help to move the chains.  

Please go vote for the Bad Elf entry at and share with your friends too!

As the world economy shuddered in 2009, this merry band of engineers launched a venture to disrupt established businesses by adding advanced hardware accessories to Apple’s mobile devices.

Today, pilots fly higher, boaters sail further, and adventurers explore deeper using our high performance Bad Elf GPS coupled to their iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. From crop dusters over cornfields in Iowa to USMC helicopters in the mountains of Afghanistan, our award winning external GPS receivers serve everywhere.

Although we started with GPS, this provides only a glimmer of our Engineering Magic™ vision.

This will be an ongoing process over the coming months, as Intuit sifts through the submissions and the voting public's support for the various entrants.  There are no post patterns in this game for a quick score, it will be a slugfest in the trenches - the old three yards and a cloud of dust in four down territory. Punting is not an option!


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