App Spotlight: iFly GPS by Adventure Pilot

by Brett Hackleman December 14, 2015


iFly GPS to Fully Support the Bad Elf ADS-B Receiver

Another app vendor that jumped on board immediately after we launched our Kickstarter project is Adventure Pilot, the developers of the popular iFly GPS line of apps and portable devices. iFly GPS provides a consistent user interface across a range of platforms: iPad, Android, and even dedicated sunlight-readable aviation GPS portables, all of which can connect to our ADS-B receiver. Adventure Pilot also offers bundles that combine their aviation apps with portable and installed ADS-B equipment.

We asked Shane Woodson, Vice President of Adventure Pilot, a couple of questions about iFly GPS products:

Bad Elf: Hi Shane! Thanks for supporting us. Please tell us more about iFly GPS and what design philosophies and features set it apart from other aviation apps.

Shane: At iFly GPS, our goal is to deliver the perfect combination of affordability, capability and usability for both VFR and IFR pilots. We offer one of the first portable navigation solutions with a pilot-friendly interface, universal between multiple platforms, whether a dedicated device or an iOS or Android device. Adventure Pilot openly integrates with partners such as Bad Elf to better provide pilots a choice of ADS-B products to fit their budget.

We pride ourselves on our intuitive user experience that focuses on quickly providing the pilot with all the needed information while reducing the amount of time the user is looking down.

iFly GPS is a collaborative user experience based on feedback from thousands of pilots. By listening to our fellow pilots, CFIs, and monitoring aviation trends we are able to develop a practical and simple-to-use aviation app for pilots.

Additionally, pilots are continually frustrated with small buttons and text sizes that Apple and Android devices use. We custom build our app with in-app adjustable fonts and large buttons for any pilot’s eyes. Exhaustive efforts are taken to use high-contrast colors to improve sunlight readability on those devices with lower screen brightness.

We offer comprehensive & simply affordable subscriptions starting at $69.99 for VFR and $40.00 more for IFR. Our Multi-Platform Upgrade for only $19.99 more allows up to 3 devices on one subscription whether on iOS, Android or iFly devices.

iFly GPS is designed by pilots, tested by pilots and recommended by pilots.

Bad Elf: What’s been your experience flying with ADS-B weather and traffic in the cockpit?

Shane: Once you’ve flown with ADS-B Weather and Traffic, you’ll never look back. With 20/20 vision and relatively young eyes, it was a true eye-opener to see just how much traffic that is potentially missed… pun intended. Here is my story. Flying between DFW and Austin in my C-172, I noticed traffic approaching from behind. It was a good 2500’ above me so I just monitored it. As that plane began to descend and close in quickly, I watched his track, altitude and more as he crossed overhead. He proceeded to descend and turn into my flight path. This could have been catastrophic, but I was able to spot him ahead of time with ADS-B Traffic on iFly GPS, allowing me just enough time to descend and bank away from him, avoiding a major incident.
On another night flight back from KEDC-Austin Executive with my father, as we were approaching KLNC-Lancaster we could easily see the strong frontal boundary of storms due to having ADS-B weather on my iFly 740. While there was no immediate threat, we were able to divert slightly and avoid the outflow boundary from the massive storms. We arrived just 15 minutes before a major thunderstorm hit the airport and we watched it pass while safely inside the hangar.

There is no doubt, ADS-B Weather and Traffic brings unprecedented safety and awareness to pilots and this project by Bad Elf is poised to make it available to all pilots. This project offers amazing value and we are thrilled to be part of the collaboration.


There are a few features we love in iFly GPS. The first is RealView™, which provides downloaded, geo-referenced satellite images of over 12,600 public and private airports in the US. This is great for planning your arrival at unfamiliar airports and FBOs, without the need for Internet connectivity.

The second is the integration of small visual gauges on the main map screen, including an Attitude Indicator (driven by AHRS) and side-view terrain and airspace plot. App developers have to strike a delicate balance to not obstruct charts or plates, but these are features that really improve situational awareness.

And finally, the NRST button is always in view. This is handy when ATC requests a position report or in the case of an emergency.

For pilots looking for a seamless user experience and high-definition charts on both iOS and Android, iFly GPS is worth checking out. If you spend just 5 minutes talking to Shane and the rest of the team, you’ll see why their customers are extremely loyal. The folks at Adventure Pilot provide amazing customer support, listen to their customers, and love to fly.

Here are some screenshots of iFly GPS in action:



We’ll be featuring iFly GPS in our next in-flight demo video!



You can download iFly GPS from the Apple App Store, or visit the Adventure Pilot website for more information.

If you haven’t already, please visit our Kickstarter page and reserve your Bad Elf ADS-B receiver today. We need your help to bring this affordable receiver to market.

Brett Hackleman
Brett Hackleman


CTO & Co-Founder, Bad Elf

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