Bad Elf Goes to Hawaii

One thing we love around here is getting notes from our customers telling us how they're using the Bad Elf GPS. For example, our friend Kenny R. sent us this last week:

I've included a couple pics @ 37,000 ft basically 1/2 way to Hawaii over Pacific Ocean... Oakland (KOAK) to Maui (PHOG).

Kenny was one of the first business jet pilots to get a Bad Elf GPS when we launched back in October 2010. He flies a J-3 Cub on floats and a Pitts bi-plane for fun, and a Hawker 1000 and CitationJet 2 for work. Not a bad gig! He uses ForeFlight and the Bad Elf GPS on a Wi-Fi iPad in the cockpit. Here's a picture from last year:

Of course I was a bit curious why maps weren't showing up on his iPad for the Hawaii flight, so I fired up ForeFlight and planned out the same route. Apparently there's not a lot of map data available for the middle of the ocean ;-)

My iPad is configured with the performance data for my club's Piper Comanche, which I just took for a long cross-country last week. According to ForeFlight it would only take me 16 hours and 200 gallons of 100LL to complete the same flight Kenny took. Piece of cake!



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