Press Coverage and Product Design Tradeoffs

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The Bad Elf GPS is popping up on various tech news sites and translated/re-posted across the blogosphere, which makes for some interesting comments and translations. One of my favorites so far was a post about the "Terrible Elf GPS". That's what we get for having a translatable product name!

The news sites have covered the major features well, and the reviewers/comments quickly get into discussions about battery life, cradles, jailbreaking, and the Wi-Fi vs. 3G iPad models. All of which we expected, having lived and breathed this for the last 8 months.

We've had a series of articles in mind, which we will post over the next few days, that will address these topics and give you some insight into our design decisions/trade-offs and a taste of what it takes to bring a product to market!

Topics to watch for in the near future...

  • "Made for iPod" vs. Jailbreaking
  • Battery life & form-factor (dongle vs. cradle vs. car kit)
  • Why not just buy an iPad 3G+Wi-Fi or iPhone?



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