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April 03, 2015

We love hearing from our users.  One of our favorite Instagram accounts, @carlsbadpilot got in touch with us to show some of his use-case scenarios with his Bad Elf GPS units.  He's a US-based pilot and typically flies CRJ-700 aircraft. His story and photos are below.

Hi Bad Elf!  I have been using the Bad Elf GPS since 2011. I fly CRJ-700 aircraft, which can reach altitudes of 41,000ft and Mach .85. Needless to say, the Bad Elf GPS has exceeded all expectations in the airliner.  I use it as a purely back-up position source with ForeFlight and JeppFD apps on the iPad, and I am always able to verify my position with the utmost integrity. 

Before I was an airline pilot, I started my career just as any other pilot, time building in small aircraft. My main job was spotting swordfish for commercial fisherman and reporting fish to BloodyDecks.com, a very popular site for fisherman. I used my Bad Elf GPS in the Citabria we flew in association with my navigation software and iPad. With the Bad Elf GPS, I was able to precisely pin-point the location of the fish to my customers, within 5 ft of the actual location! This device made my job a lot easier and very precise.
I have been a customer of Bad Elf for 5 years now, and the technology is the best of its kind. I recommend this product to student pilots and airline pilots alike. Whether you are just flying with your friends in a Cessna 172 at 120kts, or precisely tracking your location at 41,000ft at over 600mph, the Bad-Elf GPS is the way to go!  Cheers to the Bad Elf team for continuing to make amazing products for the aviation industry.
We want to see your photos and hear how you're using a Bad Elf!  Make sure to mention us at @bad_elf on Twitter, @bad.elf on Instagram, or follow us on Facebook to get in touch!

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