New Product: Bad Elf GPS Pro+ Now Shipping!

We're proud to announce that our new Bad Elf GPS Pro+ (BE-GPS-2300) is now in stock and shipping from our online store and fine resellers world wide!

Like the original Bad Elf GPS Pro launched back in 2012, the Bad Elf GPS Pro+ provides high-performance GPS for pilots, boaters, GIS/surveyors, and outdoor enthusiasts.  It also adds a number of new features:

  • Latest generation GPS+GLONASS chip set provides faster lock times and greater sensitivity in aircraft, ground vehicle, and urban canyon environments.
  • Internal barometer provides higher precision altitude and ambient pressure information.  The pressure altitude can be calibrated using known elevation, local altimeter setting, or sea level pressure.  This calibration can be done via the LCD screen on the GPS Pro+ or via our iOS utility app.
  • Trip logs can be transferred to any PC or Mac via USB Drive mode -- just like a USB stick or thumb drive.
  • Streaming NMEA GPS data is available via USB to desktop, laptop, and tablet computers
  • Log up to 200 hours of trip location data to the internal memory (twice as much as GPS Pro)
  • Integration with Foolography's Unleashed geotagging accessory for Nikon cameras

You can learn more about the Bad Elf GPS Pro+ here.

Brett Hackleman
Brett Hackleman


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