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Apple Approved
Bad Elf's accessories meet the requirements of  Apple's MFi program.  Our engineering team tests extensively with each new product release of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Apps Galore
Developers with deep domain expertise and great design acumen combine Bad Elf and Apple devices to create the ultimate user experience.  See the list.
No Cellular Required
Our products provide rock-solid GPS to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to allow you to see your GPS position in any app on the App Store.


Bad Elf Customer Appreciation Program

September 02, 2015

  Five years ago this month, we introduced the first Apple-approved plug-in external GPS receiver to the market. That product was the Bad Elf GPS for 30-pin Dock Connector, which grew out of a humble skunkworks project.  Since then, we have learned and grown more than we ever expected. We owe that success to our customers, many of whom have been enthusiastic supporters since those early days. As our way of saying thank you, we are offering a customer appreciation upgrade program for the month of September. For folks looking to upgrade to a new Bad Elf GPS unit with more features, we’re offering up to $100 cash back when you trade in your old device. The process is simple:...

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Bad Elf's Cleared to Update Program

August 13, 2015

  At Bad Elf, our goal is to provide exceptional service to the pilots, boaters, GIS professionals, and adventurers who use our products.  Today we're announcing our Cleared to Update program, which is designed to provide timely information to you regarding compatibility between Bad Elf's products, new iOS operating system releases from Apple, and major updates from our app partners. One of the strengths of the app-based innovation on iOS is the speed at which updates are made to the hardware, operating system, and apps. These updates improve design, functionality, and security. However, the pace of updates adds some complexity and risk for customers using these solutions in mission-critical environments where downtime is not an option. Our Pledge We test Bad Elf accessories...

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