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Bad Elf's accessories meet the requirements of  Apple's MFi program.  Our engineering team tests extensively with each new product release of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Apps Galore
Developers with deep domain expertise and great design acumen combine Bad Elf and Apple devices to create the ultimate user experience.  See the list.
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Our products provide rock-solid GPS to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to allow you to see your GPS position in any app on the App Store.


iOS 8.4 Release Imminent

June 29, 2015

82 days.  Nearly 12 weeks.  That’s how long some of us have been waiting for a way out of the iOS 8.3 troubles that have left our apps unable to obtain location data from external GPS receivers. Well, tomorrow is June 30th.  That is the date Apple announced several new features and services in iOS 8.4 would be released to the public. Several recent reports indicate iOS 8.4 will be available as early as 8AM PDT.Once the new public release is available, the Bad Elf engineering team will download and install it on our test bench.  We’ll test the ridiculous number of permutations of iOS device, Bad Elf GPS model, and several popular apps to confirm that the iOS 8.4 release not...

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iOS 8.4 Expected to Launch by June 30 with GPS Fixes

June 09, 2015

During Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote yesterday, Apple announced several new services that will be included in iOS 8.4 and available by June 30th.  This release is expected to fix the open iOS bugs affecting external GPS receiver accessories.  Although we had hoped for a 8.3.1 update or 8.4 release to launch much sooner than this, at least we now have a firm date. Look for another blog post soon announcing our Bad Elf: Cleared to Update program, along with a debrief of some lessons learned and upgrades we've made to our QA process to reduce the odds of running into similar issues in the future. If you haven't already, please sign up for our mailing list to be notified ASAP when we've...

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