Frequently Asked Questions


You'll want to load two apps, both of which are free on the App Store:

Bad Elf Wombat: you'll use our app to do firmware updates, collect flight logs, and perform database updates to Turbine aircraft.

Jeppesen JDM Mobile: you'll use the JDM app to perform database updates linked to your JDM account.

Download the PDF here: Wombat Quick Start Guide

Yes. Make sure your Wombat is running firmware version 1.1.10 or newer, and connect the FS510 card to the Wombat using the Transcend USB-to-SD adapter that Garmin ships with the FS510. You cannot insert the FS510 directly into the Wombat's SD card slot. It is not a standard SD card and requires more power than is allowed under the SD specifications.

That's not a question, but we'll answer it anyway. Wombat units ship with a protective film on the faceplate. Remove this and you'll be shiny again.


Please read our note about international purchases.

Of course, that varies by weight and destination. Bad Elf ships via US Mail, UPS, or FedEx usually from our primary warehouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The easiest way to get an accurate shipping quote is to simply begin a purchase and start checking out. You’ll be able to see the shipping costs before entering any credit card information.

See our detailed notes about shipping times and customs fees.

Since we sell primarily through distributors, we do not provide a list of individual retailers.


You can read our warranty and return policy here.


Bad Elf Online Store

The Bad Elf Store is a convenient place to purchase Bad Elf products and accessories from Bad Elf directly.

You can get information about an order you placed on the Bad Elf Online Store through your account page. If you prefer, you can also get order status or make changes by e-mail request from our Contact page.

How To Buy For Business

If you are a business, professional, corporate or government user, Contact Us for bulk and volume purchasing opportunities.

Contact Bad Elf Support

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Buy Wombat

Choose the correct Wombat edition for the avionics in your aircraft:

Wombat Piston Edition

for piston and turboprop aircraft (Learn more →)

Wombat Turbine Edition

for turbine aircraft (Learn more →)

Supported Avionics

(including G1000/2000/3000 for TBM/Piper/Cirrus)


Aspen Avionics

Advanced Flight Systems
Dassault Falcon Perf
Dynon Avionics
Genesys Aerosystems
Grand Rapids Technologies (GRT)
L3 Communications
MGL Avionics

Supported Avionics

Primus Epic/2.0
Primus Apex
Primus Elite

Rockwell Collins*
Pro Line 21
Pro Line Fusion


Universal Avionics*

plus all avionics supported by Piston Edition

* requires USB or ZIP dataloader; Ethernet not supported


No annual service fee for Jeppesen JDM subscribers


$100/yr service fee after first year


Check out the Wombat FAQs or contact us via email at support@bad-elf.com.