Using Survey123 for ArcGIS with a Bad Elf GPS Receiver

The process of working with a Bad Elf GPS receiver is simple. If you are using iOS, all you will need to do is pair with the Bad Elf accessory and it will provide location services to Survey 123. Survey123 will instantly benefit from the enhanced accuracy of the Bad Elf external receiver. The Bad Elf utility app for iOS allows owners of any Bad Elf GPS accessory to check the health of the Bad Elf hardware, view the GPS data being received, transfer and view trip logs, and install firmware updates.

For Android there are a few additional steps. Users on Android will need to download and install a Bluetooth connector application from the Google Play store such as Bluetooth GPS. You will need to turn on a setting called “Allow Mock Locations” in the developer options to complete the process. With the app installed and the Android phone or tablet configured, Survey123 will get its location from the Bad Elf external receiver.

Now, when collecting a surveys with Survey123, there is an excellent way to ensure the location you capture is better than the phone or tablet. Collect your survey entry in Survey123 and you will be confident that the location collected, along with the form data, is positionally accurate.

An additional benefit to using an external GNSS receiver is power savings for phone or tablet. When relying on the Bad Elf GNSS receiver, your phone or tablet will turn off the internal GPS receiver thereby reducing power. As a result, you will maximize the working period as the Bad Elf receiver will operate for a full day.

When used with Survey123, the Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor can achieve accuracies of 1 meter with no additional services or subscriptions. If one only needs 2 meter accuracy, the Bad Elf GPS Pro+ is an affordable alternative.