Trimble Business Center Basics

Trimble Business Center (TBC) is a commercial software application that includes the ability to post-process L1 only RINEX data files. This introduction outlines the basic workflow for importing your RINEX files from the Bad Elf, setting up a reference station, and processing of a baseline to produce a corrected result.

Note: TBC is not directly supported by Bad Elf. Please consult your Trimble representative for information on training. TBC requires experience and understanding of the techniques for post-processing.

Importing Data for Post Processing

Before you can begin post processing open up a new project in TBC. This project is the container for your imported RINEX files, files delivered from reference stations and the post processed results. Once the project is created follow the steps below to import your data.

  1. Import your RINEX .OBS files. The pointID will reflect the name you provided in the Bad Elf app. You may choose to change it at this time.

    Note: The .ZIP file delivered by the Bad Elf app will contain a number of files. You will only need to import the .OBS file in this particular scenario.

  2. Import data from your reference station. Data is typically imported from the Data tab using the Internet Download feature. When you click on Internet Download a list of reference stations will appear . If your reference station is listed, click on the reference station in the list and then click on the “Automatic” button. Follow the remaining prompts to import your data.
  3. If your reference station is not listed you will need to add a reference station. This section outlines how to add a CORS reference station.
    Click on small icon Internet Download Configuration

    Click on New Site

    Click on select from list. Pick your CORS station and select OK. The new reference station is now in the list.

  4. Click on your reference station and then click Automatic at the bottom. Data will now be imported from the CORS Station that covers the time period of the project.
  5. From the Survey tab, click on process baselines

  6. Results from your post processing are shown in the Process Baselines dialog

Note: No datum transformations are shown in this example. As the end user, you must ensure any datum transformations occur such that your data is in the appropriate coordinate reference system.