Bad Elf App Partner Network

Bad Elf, the leading provider of high-performance external GPS receivers for iOS devices today, fully understands that apps define the end user experience, not the hardware! Our strategy embraces working with ANY and ALL existing location-based app developers, enabling awesome solutions that your customers will love.

So, why should you consider working with us to use and promote the Bad Elf GPS?

  • It just works: The Bad Elf GPS is Apple-approved. It publishes data via the Core Location APIs, just like the internal GPS receiver on the iPad 3G and iPhone. It is truly plug and play and should work with any Core Location API based application out of the box.
  • Double your potential market size: When used with the Bad Elf GPS, your location-based app can run on the 70 million iOS devices that do not have an internal GPS receiver - this includes ~60M iPod touch devices and ~10M Wi-Fi only iPads. Analysts state that 66% of all iPads sold to date do not have an internal GPS receiver - you could triple the number of iPad owners who could use your app!
  • Earn 2-6% commission: With Amazon's free affiliate program, you earn a nice commission on all Bad Elf GPS sales driven from your website. Free money!

In addition to these immediately accessible benefits requiring minimal effort on your part, please consider the following more advanced options:

  • Access advanced features: Our hardware supports features not available with the iPad 3G, iPhone, or other external GPS units.  The Bad Elf API enables high resolution location data (2-10Hz), WAAS lock status, satellites in view, and more beyond the Core Location API. Visit the Bad Elf APIs page for more information about these capabilities.
  • Cross promotion and recommendations: Bad Elf works with our app partners to publish weekly app reviews, user stories, giveaways, and other marketing materials via our website, blog, and Facebook pages. We get emails every day from many customers around the world asking for app recommendations.  We would love to send them your way.

Interested? Some next steps:

  1. Sign up for a free Amazon Associates affiliate account. You'll get a code to include in your links to our Amazon product listing. Just replace our code ("bancom-20") with yours. Did we mention this is free money?
  2. Test your app with a Bad Elf GPS, or send us a promo code and we'll run some tests here. Once we're sure it works we can add you to our list of supported apps and possibly get a review posted to our blog.
  3. Drop us a note (via the feedback link on right side of the page), point us to your app, and let's get the conversation started.

Also, if you have any ideas for new accessories you'd like to see, please drop us a note!