Replacing the USB Cap on your Bad Elf GPS Pro

  1. Loosen the existing cap, and grasp the stem of the cap with your fingers.
  2. Don’t twist or turn the cap. Keeping the cap in the same orientation makes it easier to remove.
  3. Pull the cap upward and to the right until it pops out of the socket. You will need to pull hard, and expect the stem to stretch before it pops out.
  4. Then set the old cap aside.  It is similar in appearance to the replacement and confusing the two could happen.  
  5. In addition to the new cap, you will also need a poking tool. We recommend the ubiquitous paper clip. Bend the arm of the paper clip out to almost 90° from the body of the paper clip.
  6. Position the new cap so the upper portion of the flange at the end of the stem rests inside the retaining hole. The stem should be at about a 45° angle to the Bad Elf GPS Pro.
  7. Using the tip of the paper clip, push downward at the point on the stem where it meets the flange until the new cap pops into the hole.

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