iOS 8.3 Adversely Affects Some Bad Elf GPS Products

A bug in iOS 8.3 may interrupt the flow of GPS data from your Bad Elf device to any third party apps.  Bad Elf products continue to operate as specified and you can verify this by launching the Bad Elf Utility app with the Bad Elf connected to your Apple device.

Until Apple releases iOS 8.4, please be aware of the following limitations:

  • If you own an Apple device with the 30-pin Dock connector or a Bad Elf GPS Pro (BE-GPS-2200), you will need to be running iOS 8.2 or 8.4 to avoid this issue. iOS 8.4 is currently only available as a beta release.
  • If you own an Apple device with a Lightning connector, we recommend a Bad Elf GPS for Lightning Connector (BE-GPS-1008) or Bad Elf GPS Pro+ (BE-GPS-2300), which are not impacted by the issue.

Please contact Bad Elf Support if you have any other questions about this issue.