Getting Started

Getting Started with the Bad Elf GPS (BE-GPS-1000)

This page helps you quickly start using your new Bad Elf GPS for your favorite activities.

  1. Items included in the Bad Elf GPS package
  2. How to make sure that your Bad Elf GPS is working well
  3. Finding Apps for your favorite activities

Items Included in the Bad Elf GPS package

After you open the box, you will find the following items:


Bad Elf GPS (BE-GPS-1000)

The outside of the Bad Elf GPS features a green LED, micro USB connector, 30-pin dock connector and a lanyard attachment point. The front is solid black and the back of the device contains the model information and Bad Elf logo. The Bad Elf GPS fits well with almost every case style (as long as the case doesn't obstruct the 30-pin dock connector).



The lanyard helps you keep your Bad Elf GPS around for easy use. The lanyard has a detachable clip, so you can attach one end to your keys or bag, wherever you want to store your Bad Elf GPS when not in use. The other end stays on the Bad Elf GPS. Simply unclip, plug the Bad Elf GPS into your iOS device and you are ready to go. When you are finished, clip the lanyard back together and your Bad Elf is where you need it for your next activity.


Micro USB Cable

The micro USB cable is very useful, since the Bad Elf GPS plugs in where you would normally connect to charge and sync with iTunes. The included micro USB cable allows for charging of your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad while the Bad Elf GPS is connected to your iOS device. The micro USB cable also allows you to sync with iTunes while the Bad Elf GPS is connected to your iOS device. If you'd like to purchase another cable as a spare, or if you'd like to purchase a longer version of the same cable, visit our store.


Getting Started Card

You will find a Quick Start Card printed on the carton.

We've made a PDF of the details, just in case you lose yours..


How to make sure that your Bad Elf GPS is working well

One of the first things that you will want to do with your Bad Elf GPS is to make sure that it is working well. There are two sets of tasks that you can perform to make sure that your new device is working well:

Indoor Tasks
  1. Plug the Bad Elf GPS into the 30 pin dock connector of your iOS device. Notice that the Bad Elf logo should be facing downwards.
  2. A prompt should appear that asks you if you want to install the Bad Elf Utility App.
  3. Install the Bad Elf App.
  4. Once Installed, open the Bad Elf App.
  5. We want to ensure that we have the lastest version of firmware running inside the Bad Elf GPS. Firmware is the software that runs inside the Bad Elf GPS and talks to the GPS chip and the iOS device. Sometimes there are iOS changes or we find a bug and we need to release a new firmware version to fix the issue. In order to check if you have the latest firmware version, look at Bad Elf tab of the Bad Elf App. If you see a red 1 on the Firmware button, click it and follow the instructions to update your firmware. If you have the latest version, then no red 1 will appear on the button.
  6. You are now ready to perform outside tests, so please proceed to the next section.
Outdoor Tasks
  1. Stand outside.
  2. Attach your Bad Elf GPS to your iOS device.
  3. Open the Bad Elf app.
  4. On the Bad Elf tab, you should see your device listed under Bad Elves Connected. If not, take it out and insert it again.
  5. The LED on the Bad Elf GPS should start blinking. (Note: the LED only lights if there's an app that's using the current location.)
  6. Go to the GPS tab and swipe two pages to the right to the Satellites page.
  7. You should start seeing colored bars appear in the bottom white region.
  8. After about 40 seconds, depending on your view of the sky, the LED should stop blinking and turn solid on. Some number of the gray circles on the Satellites page should turn white.
  9. If this works as described, then you know your Bad Elf GPS is working.
  10. If this does not work, please double-check: Are you sure you have a clear view of the sky? Remember that trees will increase the time it takes for your Bad Elf GPS to lock. Also, if you're standing near a building, you're only seeing half the sky! If you're still not getting a lock, please contact us at You may have a defective Bad Elf GPS.
  11. Now we have verified that your Bad Elf GPS is working and has the latest firmware installed. The next step is to get some location-aware apps for your favorite activities. Proceed to the next section for help finding Apps.


Finding Apps for your favorite activities

We have collected a list of Location-Aware Apps for many of your favorite activities. You can find a list of those Apps, categorized by activity type here:

Compatible Apps Page

We have also organized Apps, and Accessories by your favorite location based activities. You can find those pages here:

Activities Pages

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. We rely on our App partners and our customers to help us find new compatible Apps. If you find an App that you think we should add to our list, please contact us at support at bad-elf dot com