Affordable GPS Solutions for App-based Field Data Collection

Bad Elf offers Bluetooth connected GPS receivers that provide high positional accuracy for all day data collection on your mobile device. Our affordable, high performance GPS receivers meet your needs for platform independent, app agnostic field work.

Bad Elf collaborated with the Collector for ArcGIS team at Esri to provide reliable and highly accurate location services directly to the Collector for ArcGIS mobile applications across various platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows). The GNSS Surveyor accessory, combined with Collector for ArcGIS, delivers an affordable solution for GIS data collection and mapping with the benefit of higher accuracy. With the new high performance features built directly into the app, Bad Elf now supplies additional GPS metadata directly; maximizing the quality of your field data.

For more information on how to configure your mobile collection platform with Esri Collector for ArcGIS or Survey123 for ArcGIS see this section of the Bad Elf GIS Resources portal

Bring Your Own Device

Join the revolution in field data collection, mapping, and analysis. Affordable, intuitive handheld tablets and complementary Bad Elf GNSS accessories can replace expensive, outdated single purpose collection devices.

Using your company's mobile devices, more people can easily collect GNSS data faster, and within a smaller budget. With advances in cloud computing and big data analysis, hold intuitive, annotated maps and stunning insights right in the palm of your hand.

Balance Price vs. Performance

How would you define the perfect GPS?

The perfect GPS has absolute accuracy and is free!

Is near perfect accuracy essential, without compromise?

When you need 1-cm accuracy, compromise is not an option. You will have to pay the price for complex GNSS hardware. Add a correction service and you have a very costly solution.

What can I expect from my phone or tablet?

If you already own a smartphone, you most likely have a built-in GPS receiver at no additional charge. However, that cellular-assisted GPS is not likely to provide consistently better than 5m accuracy. Sometimes that is acceptable, but rarely for GIS/mapping scenarios.

Do you need to assess tradeoffs between budget and accuracy?

The plot below shows a story that is clear. High accuracy is costly. Technology has advanced and GNSS devices are becoming more powerful and capable. Bad Elf devices are positioned well to provide mapping grade accuracy at an affordable price. If high precision is either too expensive or not really required, Bad Elf has your solution

Bad Elf GIS Ready Receivers

GPS Pro+

Dynamic Data Collection
~2m Accuracy


GNSS Surveyor

Static Data Collection
~1m Accuracy


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