Canadian Spatial Reference System

Natural Resources Canada's (NRCAN) Canadian Geodetic Survey (CGS) provides an online application for GNSS data post-processing enabling higher accurate positioning from raw observation data. This service is unique as it allows the submission from a single frequency receiver, such as the GNSS Surveyor. In addition, processing capabilities are provided for operation in either static or kinematic modes.

Bad Elf users of the GNSS Surveyor can capture raw data and convert this raw data directly to RINEX via the tools built into the Bad Elf iOS app. Results are typically delivered in 90 minutes or less.

Before you can use this service you must create an account. To create an account at the Natural Resources of Canada, visit the following link:

Running the CSRS-PPP Online Tool

The steps listed below are provided as a guide for the most common of scenarios. Bad Elf suggests that you explore the NRCAN portal for a complete understanding of all the options and expectations for the results. This web link provides additional description on the service and some of the additional capabilities not outlined here.

CSRS-PPP Submission Process

  • Offload a recorded RINEX file from the Bad Elf app to your local hard drive. For more information on this process see this link.
  • Log into the NRCAN CSRS-PPP web site
  • Enter email address to which the processing results will be sent
  • Select the processing mode: static or kinematic
  • Select the reference frame of the output coordinates: NAD83 or ITRF
    If NAD83 is the selected reference frame, choose an epoch
  • Import the RINEX observation .ZIP file produced by the Bad Elf app by clicking on "Choose file" and upload the file
  • Click "Submit to PPP"
  • An email will be sent to you that includes a number of links and an output file. A sample of the output is available via this link.

Note: because the Bad Elf receiver does not have a registered antenna you will receive a warning that can be disregarded that states: “YourObservationFile.obs | Warning : Although an antenna record was located in the RINEX file, no phase centre information could be found in the IGS/NGS file for your antenna. Estimated height should be used with caution. Ensure that both the antenna type and the RINEX header record "ANT # / TYPE " are valid.”