Before you go into the field

You don’t need to be a pro user or an expert on your mobile phone or tablet, software, and Bad Elf receiver. Bad Elf suggests that it is best to spend a little bit of time learning at your desk. There are a number of activities that should be learned in the convenience of the office versus out in the field.

Make sure your Bad Elf receiver is paired with your mobile phone or tablet, start your application software. Some software packages require you to configure the GPS, some just rely on whatever their mobile provides. Once the Bad Elf receiver is properly configured, most software will receive the Bad Elf GPS locations automatically. A connected Bad Elf receiver typically causes the internal GPS of the mobile to shut down and save power; a big deal for all day data collection.

If you are inside, you may get very poor or no GPS coverage. At this point we suggest going outside, fire up your application and verify that the application can get a position from your Bad Elf. You may choose to collect a few sample points or just experiment with a map. These are all great activities done close to the office and before the real work begins.

When you get back into the office, take some time to learn how to shutdown the application and power off the Bad Elf. You will want to ensure that you can restart the Bluetooth connection, the Bad Elf, and restart your application should something become unresponsive.