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Bad Elf External Antenna Bundles

A few of our customers have asked Bad Elf to offer external antennas that can be either permanently or temporarily mounted outside their vehicles to work around the obstruction to satellite visibility created by the vehicle’s roof. Bad Elf offers the GIS and mapping community two product bundles for those looking for vehicle mounted solutions to obtaining better position accuracy while in motion.

With that in mind, Bad Elf offers either a magnetic or through hole, mechanically mounted external GPS antenna that can be secured on the roof of the vehicle.  Included in the kit are two cables.  

The first cable (BE-CBL-DX3M) is a simple 3-meter extension cable that allows you to place the external puck antenna outside the vehicle as needed.  

The second cable (BE-CBL-DY1M) enables you to both connect the external puck antenna cable and a power supply to the back of the Bad Elf GPS Pro (BE-GPS-2200).  One end of the second cable has a USB micro B end that plugs directly into the back of the GPS Pro and then splits to a USB Male A, which can be plugged into the cigarette lighter adapter for power, and a 6-pin DIN receptacle into which you plug in the external puck antenna.

Connection to a power supply is necessary to power the magnetic and through hole external antennas. The magnetic puck antenna includes a small LED that indicates power and lock status.  However, the through hole mounted puck does not include this feature.

Magnetic Antenna Bundle
$299.99 (view in store)
Through Hole Mount Antenna Bundle
$329.99 (view in store)
Features Features
  • Temporary mounting
  • Antenna obtains unobstructed sky view
  • Permanent mounting
  • Antenna obtains unobstructed sky view
Magnetic Bundle Components Through Hole Bundle Components
  • Bad Elf GPS Pro (BE-GPS-2200)
  • Magnetic antenna
  • Antenna extension cable (3-meter)
  • Antenna splitter cable (1-meter)
  • Bad Elf GPS Pro (BE-GPS-2200)
  • Through hole antenna
  • Antenna extension cable (3-meter)
  • Antenna splitter cable (1-meter)