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Bluetooth GPS


Our Bluetooth units stream GPS data wirelessly to the iPad and other devices within 33ft range.

  • Streams GPS data to up to 5 iPads or other devices simultaneously; ideal for multi-crew aircraft.
  • LCD screen shows status, GPS data, lock type, and datalogger status.
  • Up to 32hr battery life.
  • 100-200hr datalogger records your flights for debriefing or sharing with friends.
  • Barometric pressure altimeter and USB functionality (on some models).

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Plug-in GPS


Our plug-in models connect directly to the 30-pin or Lightning connector on the iPad.

  • Zero configuration: just plug in and apps immediately start receiving GPS data.
  • No batteries to charge; clip it onto your keychain or flight bag.
  • No wireless signals, ideal for commercial and military operations where this is a concern.
  • Pass-thru Micro USB connection allows charging of iOS device while dongle is connected.

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