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Bad Elf GPS

This app allows owners of any Bad Elf accessory to check the health of the hardware, view the GPS data being received, aggregate trip logs, and install firmware updates.

Visit to learn more about the Bad Elf GPS, GPS Pro/Pro+, and the GNSS Surveyor accessories, which add a high performance GPS receiver to the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad via the 30-pin dock connector, Lighting connector, or Bluetooth. The GPS data is usable by ALL location-based iOS applications in the App Store.

Note: Continued use of the GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Bad Elf, LLC

Bad Elf envisions, designs, and manufactures niche hardware and software with an emphasis on Apple's "Made for iPod" program.

Our team spans the USA geographically and shares over a decade of shared work and personal history. The Bad Elf team mixes decades of experience and expertise in embedded hardware, firmware, middleware, and application software.

Although choosing a company name can be quite challenging, apparently sufficient quantities of German beer and hearty cuisine greatly aid the brainstorming process. The Bad Elf name was conceived in October 2009 while attending a conference in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Curious about the hidden meaning behind the name Bad Elf? If you know basic German, and if you stare into the eyes of the Bad Elf, you will put one and one together.